About Lora


LoRa is a proprietary wireless technology provided by Semtech, which combined with digital spread spectrum technology, digital signal processing and forward error correction coding technology. Compared to WIFI, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave and other communication technologies, it has the advantages of low-power consumption, long-distance coverage (wall penetration), and anti-interference.

LoRa Technology is capable of demodulating 20dB below the noise level, significantly improving immunity to interference when combined with integrated forward error correction. With its high sensitivity, down to -148dBm, devices can achieve long range connectivity. Compared to the traditional FSK system, LoRa network architecture is typically star topology that can eliminate synchronization overhead, leading to lower power consumption. In general, 95% of nodes only take 10% of total power consumption. In practice, devices based on LoRa technology can reach a distance more than 15 km in rural areas while having a battery life of over 5 years.

lora specifications

Communication Distance

Up to 20km

Node Count

10 Thousands,even Millions

Data Rate

 0.3-50 kbps

LoRa Datasheet Comparison